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D5 Pro Jump Rope - Sold with 2 Cables

Gun Metal Gray

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Looking to master your double unders?  Look no further for a double under jump rope than the DRVN D5, our latest and fastest speed rope.  Based on years of athlete feedback and testing, we designed the D5 featuring lightweight and indestructible knurled aluminum handles for perfect grip, a strong cable locking system, and two speed cables (bare and coated).  Both cables are easily adjustable and allow for perfect sizing and frictionless rotations.  The D5 is the ideal jump rope for any CrossFit athlete, Boxer, MMA Fighter or jump rope enthusiast.

The DRVN D5 is recommended for use on rubber or nonabrasive surface; not recommended for use on concrete.


  • 5.8” aluminum handles with knurling
  • 10.5 ft bare stainless steel 1/16” speed cable
  • 10.5 ft coated stainless steel 2mm speed cable
  • Fully adjustable cables with single locking screw
  • Includes DRVN gear bag for rope storage


  • Faster double unders
  • Triple unders
  • Improved WOD time and AMRAPs
  • Endurance and interval training


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