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What our Affiliates Say

What our Affiliates Say
"As an affiliate owner, I'm always looking for ways to create new revenue streams and offer products to my members that I believe in. DRVN gear is exactly that. Their products are fantastic and the customer service is top notch."
Tommy Carter, Owner & Head Coach
CrossFit Immortal 

"DRVN performance gear is exactly what my growing box needed. Their jump rope is awesome for newbies through experts, as it comes with two different cables. Their grips provide protection without bulk. DRVN gear has enhanced the member experience at my box. I highly recommend it!"
Manny Alayon, Owner & Coach
NorthEast Crossfit
What our Affiliates Say
 "Our members are lovvvvving their DRVN speed ropes!"
Annie Brunner, Owner & Coach
Alpine CrossFit 
"DRVN makes really fantastic products and I just can't say enough good things about them.  Without question, DRVN makes the best speed rope I have ever used."
Lance Brown, Head Coach
CrossFit 207

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