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July 09, 2019 3 min read

Finding the best CrossFit grips

There are many different choices for hand grips out there, so finding the right ones is not always the easiest task. Hand grips are typically used for bar work, like pull-ups and bar muscle ups. Although there are many different grip options to choose from, certain types might be better for your style of workouts. Before buying grips, here are some considerations:

First, you want to decide what your workouts will look like. Are you doing HIIT workouts, Crossfit, or are you a gymnast in need of new gymnastic hand grips. If you’re switching from one movement to another and don’t want to take your grips off, a flexible material such as lightweight stretchable canvas is a better option. Stiffer leather and suede grips may help provide greater overall protection, become these hand grips tend to be much stiffer, less flexible, and need to come off when doing movements that involve the barbell or rower. 

Next, you want to find out what you want your grip protection to look like (full palm protection or just the center of your palm). Then pick the amount of finger holes you want for your workout. After that, you want to find a brand that is reliable and trustworthy. Finally after figuring all of this out, you should have a pretty good understanding of what type of grip you want and all you have to do is find your size.

The benefits of using hand grips

Hand grips have multiple benefits. One of the main benefits is the simple fact that they protect your hands. When doing pull-ups or any high volume bar work, your hands are vulnerable to skin tears, painful blisters and ready to rip calluses. These injuries can keep you from improving and put you on the sidelines, unable to lift weights or workout at all. This can be prevented just by wearing grips. 

CrossFit grips recommendations

Listed below we have a couple of our favorite grips and ones we recommend.

DRVN: these CrossFit grips deliver both comfort and support, although we are not completely unbiased:). Both the two finger and the four finger grips are great choices for your daily workout. They are sustainable against the toughest bars and will take a beating and still last you a very long time. Yet can be used with or without chalk and are the closest thing to wearing nothing out there. We would definitely recommend these grips to check out.

Bear Komplex: these grips provide durable quadruple stitching which will ensure full support and stability. These crossfit gloves do not dig into your wrist or open up during use. The superior leather hand grip hugs the bar and allows you to keep banging those pull-ups out. For Bear Komplex grips check out.

Jerkfit WODies: these grips give full palm protection and wrist support combined in one product. During workouts, there is zero bunching or pinching with these grips. These grips for crossfit are extremely durable. To top it all off WODies are washer dryer safe. The link to WODies website is below.

Affordable CrossFit handgrips

All three of our top hand grip recommendations are in the price range of $20-50. They all have wrist straps and multiple finger holes making them ideal choices when looking for your next pair of hand grips.

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